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Announcing Round 1 for Event Interpretation

Announced on February 27th, 2024, Zapper is running "Round 1", where we will be granting 1,550 OP tokens to top contributors of event interpretations during the contest period!

Checkout the Round 1 leaderboard to see how you compare in the contest! The higher your rank, the more you are likely to receive at the conclusion of Round 1.


Curious what an "event interpretation" is, or how to submit one? Check out our docs here!

Round 1 details

  • Rewarding 1,550 OP tokens up for grabs by the top contributors (~6,000 USD)
  • Start date of Round 1: Tuesday, Feb 26th @ 2 PM EST
  • End date of Round 1: Sunday, March 3rd @ Midnight EST
  • Top contributors are calculated on how many points you receive, which vary by the network of the event you interpreted:
    • 2 points are awarded for an event interpretation on the Arbitrum or Optimism networks.
    • 1 point awarded for event interpretations on Ethereum and Base networks.
  • Points will only be awarded for event interpretations approved by the Zapper team. When an event interpretation is approved, you will receive a notification. You can check the status of your submissions on your My Submissions page.
  • Spam submissions will not be approved; users who spam submissions run the risk fo being disqualified
  • Only 1 submission per method per contract can be approved across all users. If we get multiple submissions for the same contract and method, we approve the earliest submission we received, and sadly have to reject the later ones.
  • The team may take a few days to work through the submissions made during the Round 1 time frame; your submission does not need to be approved by the end date of Round 1 to count towards your points total